Approximately 25 years ago, after my son was born, for some unknown reason I came down with the childhood disease Rheumatic Fever. My understanding is that a person can have 1 of 2 different problems resulting from having had Rheumatic Fever. I ended up having joint problems. I have been plagued with joint problems ever since. At various points over the following years, I had to take months off of work due to acute pain, depression and the like. I was seen by many different doctors all over the city, treated with a variety of heavy duty drugs, treated with other drugs to offset the side effects of the original drugs, treated for depression and the list goes on. After a time the symptoms slowed down but never went away, and I still continued to have regular episodes of acute pain. None of the doctors could give me a definitive answer as to why I was experiencing this pain and continued to treat me with prescription drugs. It was very unfortunate for me that I was not introduced to Dr. Rodak at The Wellness Institute until many years later.

I have 2 other young adults including my oldest daughter who has special needs. When I was going through some dark years with my daughter several years ago, a friend mentioned that Dr. Rodak had been instrumental in helping her family with problems. I was at the bottom of the barrel with nowhere to go with my daughter, because every specialist that we saw (& there were many of them) could find nothing wrong with her based on the zillion tests that were done. It was like I was on the outside looking in, helpless to find the key that would open the door for my daughter to find her way back. Then we met Dr. Rodak and our life turned around. Dr. Rodak found the key to help my daughter. He proceeded with a treatment plan which included homeopathic and botanical remedies. He adjusted her diet to help with the ongoing stomach issues. He made various lifestyle suggestions, and last but not least, he helped me through this whole ordeal in order to help her.

About a month ago, my joint pain was on the rise again. I decided that I was going to book an appointment to see if Dr. Rodak would be able to help me. He started me on a treatment plan, and he suggested that the treatment of choice, based on his clinical findings, was the Bowen technique. I had my first Bowen treatment last week. I had my doubts as to the effectiveness of this treatment. I asked myself “how could a relaxing treatment such as this possibly take away my aches and pains”? Dr. Rodak explained to me that he would come into and out of the room several times over the course of about 30 minutes. Using his hands, he would apply pressure to strategic areas of my back, neck, arms and legs. My job was to do nothing but breathe and relax for 30 minutes. During this first treatment I felt like I was being drawn into a tunnel and there was this warm “flushing” feeling. This treatment is obviously VERY powerful because when I got up from the table I felt immediate relief and the pain was gone. This week I had my second Bowen treatment and once again I experienced that warm “flushing” feeling. I feel just so much better, having been relieved of the aches and pains that have been plaguing me for so long, and now I am better able to focus and move forward with my life.

I wish that I had gone to see you Dr. Rodak many years ago!!!!!

Thank you Dr. Rodak!

LG (Toronto)