I started to see Dr. Rodak approximately 2 years ago. When I first came to the clinic, I was suffering from constipation and skin problems (eczema). I underwent a liver and gall-bladder cleanse, a series of colonics, acupuncture and was also given homeopathic remedies. My skin improved greatly with this course of treatment. I was amazed at how much better I felt after each colonic- both physically and mentally. I also noticed that my mood was improving through the course of the treatment which was a side effect that I had not anticipated.

Dr. Rodak also helped me understand my body. I was intrigued with his approach and thought process as it is different from modern medicine. He explained that he was not treating the resulting symptoms but tried to find the root cause of my health issues. After a thorough history taking session he treated me from a mental, emotional and structural perspective. He taught me the importance of cleansing and explained that a build up of toxins in the body could be causing some of my health issues – he was correct.

More recently, I came back to Dr. Rodak for issues I was experiencing in relation to PMS. For 2-3 weeks prior to the start of my period, I would experience an intense depressed mood, breast tenderness, fatigue and food cravings. I was basically always depressed because 2-3 weeks is most of the month. Dr. Rodak was able to listen to me and even though I felt a little embarrassed about the issues I was having, as soon as I told him, I felt better. I knew that I was not being judged and that Dr. Rodak took my problems seriously which is very different from the way I felt with my medical doctor, who happens to be female. His professional skills greatly outweighed the embarrassment that I thought I would feel. Being in my early 20’s, I have never discussed female related health issues with a male doctor. I felt very comfortable talking to him not only about my PMS but also with him performing colonics. Again, I thought this would be an uncomfortable experience but Dr. Rodak’s bed side manners were very professional and educational and I feel very comfortable with his treatments. He listens, analyzes and educates and then treats with a naturopathic approach.

I was given a homeopathic remedy and also had several Bowen Therapy treatments. Bowen Therapy helped with the muscle tension in my neck and back as well as with the physical PMS symptoms. The homeopathic remedy worked amazingly well at improving my mood, giving me more energy and it helped with the food cravings. I don’t even remember what having PMS feels like anymore. My breast tenderness also went away completely. My PMS was literally ruining my life where I constantly felt run down, and just miserable. I am glad to say it is something I no longer experience.

There have been no negative side effects to any of the treatments I tried, which is so different from the traditional medical model. I would highly recommend Dr. Rodak to anyone who is looking for a natural way to achieve better health.