I am a 67 years of age female who was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage 3B with a liver metastases. I have had resections via Laproscopic surgery on both liver and colon. To date I have refused chemo. There are no guarantees that chemo is the answer for all. There are many warnings, however, of what can go wrong and how unwell you will most likely feel while having chemo treatment. My feeling is that I was slotted as if anyone with this diagnosis is the same and is treated similarly despite the differences in history, size, weight, diet, etc. I have done much research into complimentary cancer treatment and have chosen intra venous vitamin C (I.V.Vitamin C), vitamins and homeopathy to be one of my treatments.

At the Wellness Institute I am a whole person who is taken into account. Treatment is tailored to my needs each time I show up. I actually look forward to my treatment and find Dr. Rodak to be extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. This has helped me tremendously. Again no guarantees are given.

I do know, though, I am feeling well after treatment rather than sickly. On days that I am feeling very well before my appointment, I think the treatment of that day will help to hold it. What actually happens is I feel even better. I leave with good energy.

The staff is friendly, pleasant and very accommodating. It's a clean, bright environment to be in while having treatment. I could probably say more but will end with my recommendation to at least give this a shot if your health isn't at a level you would like it to be. Don't assume that as we age we should expect to not feel well. It just doesn't need to be so. I found the Wellness Institute on the Internet with no referral or recommendation. I feel blessed to have done so.

Thank you Dr.Rodak and staff.