This is to advise that I was suffering with a very serious condition, literally ‘attacks’, of not being able to swallow and consequently breathe freely owing to total dryness of the throat and lack of saliva. I was being attended to by my family doctor for about 4-5 weeks and was sent for an ultrasound of the throat and because this condition could not be diagnosed for a suitable prescription, I have been referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist as far into the future as August 18, leaving me scared-to-death owing to aggravated dryness of the throat and all the gruesome unpleasantness of needing to carry around bottled water and sucking on sugar-free candies to relieve the dryness.

On seeing you on July 13, 2011 you prescribed and gave me a special remedy which I took almost immediately after leaving the clinic and almost instantly I experienced relief. I was fine for the remainder of the day and for the first time in weeks I had a restful night’s sleep. I could hardly believe this cure after all the dreadful discomfort during the days past. Today, I woke up feeling rested and I am still feeling fine.

I feel compelled to write to you as this is the second ‘wonder/miracle’ I have experienced with your treatment. Unfortunately I did not write to you about the first experience where you saved me from going under the knife (surgery) for a painful gall bladder condition. Again, in this first instance you prepared a special treatment which gave me remarkable comfort from acute pain. Today there is no pain, no special diets and I am free of fear of invasive procedures.

I was told that naturopathic treatment was sure but slow to show results. From my two experiences I can assuredly say that the “sure” part is very, very true and must disagree with the “slow to show results” claim as I certainly achieved results, in both cases, in very fast time spans.

Thank you, Dr. Rodak
Yours in complete sincerity and gratitude,