I met Dr. Taras Rodak 20 years ago. A major adverse reaction to immunizations a medical doctor had insisted on giving me, left me crippled with severe atypical arthritis, muscle pain and weakness. I could barely lift my head up. Medical doctors insisted my condition had nothing to do with the immunizations and told me I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which was then considered psychosomatic. I was in pathetic and seemingly helpless and hopeless shape. Medical doctors could offer me only psychiatric meds and anti–inflammatories. Neither sat well with me. Stomach pain became my constant companion.

Dr. Rodak started treating me with homeopathy, acupuncture and a minimal amount of supplements. At times when I was despondent and felt I did not have the energy to survive, Dr. Rodak assured me that I could and would heal. Gradually I did start feeling better. My joints bent once again and I gained muscle strength.

I did research, regularly bought vitamins and minerals from health food stores and, looking for approval, dumped them on Dr. Rodak’s desk. Unfailingly, and tactfully, he would shove most of them to the side telling me I didn’t need them.

I’m not 100% but I’ve made major gains. Every time I go the Wellness Institute I announce: “I’m still alive.” And Dr. Rodak says: “I’ve been telling you that for years.”

I always feel better after an appointment. I appreciate Dr. Rodak’s honesty and integrity. Friends I refer to Dr. Rodak also appreciate his reasonable fees.

MLP, Toronto