The Amazing Bowen

I was in desperate need of help. I tried everything and nothing worked. I was feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, low energy and in a depression like state. I tried everything; healthy eating, supplements, exercise -  but the results were short-lived. I was back to feeling awful in no time. It was evident I was in a dark place. I was having a hard time finding my way back to a sunny disposition. Medically, everything was normal, but something was off and the doctors could not pinpoint what was wrong. I was running out of options.

I saw the ‘The Wellness Institute’ across the street from Royal York Subway Station, but never thought it would be of help to me. My daughter has had a positive experience from her interaction with Dr. Rodak at ‘The Wellness Institute.’ I told her I was not feeling well and it was obvious to her I was not myself, but kept dismissing her suggestion to give it try.  At her urging, I made inquiries, but never committed due my mental fogginess and simply not feeling well. I was merely existing, watching everyone enjoying life and wondering what’s happening to me. Medically, everything was normal.  As a last resort, I booked an appointment. Dr. Rodak assessed every aspect of my life for insight into the root cause of my issues.

After the completion of my assessment, Dr. Rodak recommended the Bowen Technique as part of my treatment plan. He explained the technique to be a gentle non-invasive muscle relaxation technique which involves gentle skin moves on various parts on the body. He continued by stating that I would encounter some muscle soreness and stiffness. My thoughts were impossible! I was highly skeptical. I was in utter disbelief as my thoughts were something this gentle could not have such an impact on my body; but as experience taught me, he was right. I was feeling off the following day, out of sorts, I had some muscle soreness and stiffness as a result of the Bowen Technique. I was proven wrong. Yes! It is possible for something so gentle to have a profound impact on my health and on my body.

After my first appointment, I started feeling a shift. The light came on.  I started feeling some improvements and within a week of my first treatment, I experienced a 75% improvement.  I started feeling connected and at peace with myself and those around me.  My daughter noticed a difference on one of our many walks on the Humber River Trail. I am feeling awesome. I am on a completely different level. I am experiencing improved mental clarity; I am in a better place mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I am surprise with how quickly I am experiencing positive results from the Bowen Technique.  I am experiencing a new found self confidence. I have my life back and on my way to better health. Thanks to Dr. Rodak for his professionalism and care, I am in a good place and I am now a proud advocate of naturopathic medicine and The Wellness Institute.