Facials and Holistic Acne Treatment

Using natural and pure substances, we customize facial treatments to address a wide range of skin conditions such as acne and skin dullness. As skin is the largest organ in the body, by addressing internal imbalances and the use of chemical, toxin free yet potent natural based plant actives, the skin starts to act in a manner that is healthy and glowing.

100% Natural and Toxin-Free

The awareness that we absorb mostly what we apply on our skin is becoming widely accepted. This is why, most people are now looking for healthier alternatives to parabens and sulphates commonly used at spas, salons and in moisturizers. At the Wellness Institute, we use only the most purest ingredients but with the highest potency.

Beauty from Within

Most often, the state of skin represents what is going on internally. By addressing hormone balance, gut flora and bowel regularity, our approach to skin is truly holistic. With a proper naturopathic assessment, recommendations to heal the imbalances will be made to address specific skin concerns.

Facial Offerings:

Brightening Skin Facial with Plant Actives

  • Uses vitamin C and other tyrosinase inhibitors to minimize targeted melanin production
  • Hydrating and Moisturizing
  • Addition to Glutathione IVs

Acne Support and Glow Facial

  • Cleansing and nourishing
  • Customized to address specific skin concerns such as redness and scarring
  • Minimizes inflammation at the skin surface
  • Heals the skin barrier to help minimize recurrence of new lesions

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