Holistic Nutritional Consulting

Most people want to live a long, healthy, disease-free life. They may do their best to make healthy choices, but without a comprehensive understanding of all the issues regarding their health, their efforts are often based on incomplete or biased information, and since everyone is different, with varying strengths and weaknesses, health history, lifestyles, nutrient status and exposure to toxins, what is good for one person may not be good for another.

The role of the holistic nutritionist is to assess individual health status, create a health plan to support individual needs and objectives, and explain recommendations in a clear and useable way.

Holistic Nutritional consultations may help you:

  • make sense of all the conflicting health information in the media
  • make more informed decisions about your healthcare options
  • safely and effectively improve your health

Key aspects of holistic nutritional consulting process are:

  • a thorough holistic “big-picture” assessment of your health status
  • plain-language explanations of your health issues and contributing factors
  • custom protocols to address your specific health conditions and goals
  • education about important nutrients, and foods, as well as key nutrition and health concepts
  • tools to help you monitor your progress
  • recipes for tasty and nutritious meals
  • resources to help expand your knowledge and understanding
  • comprehensive and easy to understand notes for reference

Results you may expect from holistic nutritional consulting process are:

  • great digestion – no more heart burn or uncomfortable gas and bloating, cramping or constipation
  • better response to stressful situations
  • increased energy levels throughout the day
  • elimination of afternoon energy crashes
  • elimination of cravings for sugar and other foods
  • safe effective weight loss – without restrictive dieting
  • improved immunity
  • elimination of recurrent bacterial infections and yeast conditions
  • improved muscle strength and tone
  • decreased joint pain and muscle stiffness
  • decreased hormone-related conditions – especially PMS and low thyroid
  • decreased seasonal allergy symptoms
  • decrease or elimination of chronic health conditions
  • overall improved quality of life

To learn more about holistic nutritional consulting at Wellness Institute please call to book a complimentary 15-minute Discovery session with Paul Demeda.

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