Maryam Milani, PhD, Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner

Maryam Milani is a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist whose mission is to help people to let go of their pain of the past and move into the future with freedom, love, peace and joy.

In Maraym’s words…"I too have suffered, and my search for a release from my pain gave me the knowledge to help other people get free too."

Maryam grew up in a war zone, was sexually abused and then told it was her fault. In fact, she says "I was told I would go to hell for it. Plagued with anxiety, depression, loneliness and a feeling that something was wrong with me, I never made the connection between my childhood experiences and my day-to-day pain.

No matter how hard I tried to do all the right things in life - get a good education (I have an MBA and PhD in Business Administration), a good job - I felt “broken” and I could not understand why. I'd look at other people who seemed to enjoy life and wonder how they could do it.

I had tried everything to heal myself with limited results. Then I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Through EFT, I discovered the connection between the trauma that so many decades earlier in life had happened causing anxiety that made me live in the shadows of my life. The technique offered me a glimpse into what life could be like so I immersed myself into study, becoming a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist myself.

I then studied Hypnotherapy and Quantum Life Coaching so that I could help people make practical changes in their lives.

Today I continue to research and study and combine everything I have learned to help my clients experience what can be accomplished from attempting to get out of “living in past dark shadows” and with my support help them to reach “new heights”."

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