I am a 66-year-old male, who as a result of years of financial and career stress, has had some problems with my prostate. About five years ago I had biopsies taken, and thankfully, was declared cancer free. I was diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (B.P.H.) which is common in older men and results in the urge for frequent urination and difficulty in urination caused by swelling of the prostate. Although I had occasional bouts over the years, I never thought them serious enough to require medical attention.

That all changed six weeks ago when I had a severe attack while away on a trip. Upon my return I was found to be retaining enormous amounts of urine and was immediately placed on a catheter. After a week I was still unable to drain my bladder on my own so was placed back on the catheter and scheduled for prostate surgery. In the meantime, a friend suggested that even though it may be late in the game, why not consult a naturopath before going through with the surgery. I had seen Dr. Rodak about ten years earlier when my financial problems all began, so was I pleased when he was able to give me an appointment immediately.

Dr. Rodak thoroughly reviewed my history, learned about my current condition and optimistically predicted that he could probably help. He said he would like four to six weeks to give his treatments a chance to work. Fortunately, I had about that amount of time before moving ahead with the surgery so immediately embarked on a program of homeopathic medicine, special diet, herbal supplements plus an acupuncture and Bowen Technique treatment. Remarkably, much to the surprise of everyone including my family medical doctor, I started to show immediate improvement and within just a few days was able to empty my bladder to normal residual levels without the need for a catheter. It has now been a month and it feels like my prostate is back to normal, so surgery would now seem to be out of the question.

I will continue with the program for a while to make absolutely sure I have completely recovered, but in the meantime, the facts of my experience certainly attest to the powers of naturopathic medicine.