Spinal surgery

Fifteen years ago I had spinal cord surgery to remove a growth from my spine. After the surgery and for the next fifteen years of my life I have suffered with two major health issues – constipation and difficulty with urination. The problem was so severe that every time that I needed to urinate, I would need to use a catheter. Being a female I was constantly getting urinary tract infections and this was very disturbing to me as I was inserting a catheter 5-6 times a day.

Over the years these problems became worse. I tried many different products, remedies and treatments without success. Dealing with bloating, indigestion, constipation and the need to insert catheters on a daily basis, I became a nervous and depressed person. Then, desperately searching for help, I found the Wellness Institute and Dr. Rodak – a naturopathic doctor. I was amazed that after a few treatments with Dr. Rodak that he helped me to feel better. He prescribed homeopathic remedies which helped me to feel better emotionally and physically. In addition to this, Dr. Rodak treated me with the Bowen Technique to help with scar tissue and to help my nerves regenerate. After a few treatments some sensations that I had lost years ago came back. I am absolutely amazed and astonished by the fact that I suffered with elimination and digestive problems for over 15 years and within a matter of weeks, thanks to Dr. Rodak and his treatments, that I am no longer using catheters. My digestion and elimination is almost back to normal and my long years of stress and worries have now passed. Thank you Dr. Rodak for helping me get back to a normal routine and a better life. I am a true believer of Naturopathic Medicine.