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Early detection saves lives

With the use of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (Thermography), women can have breast exams without radiation, without the squeeze, and without pain. Many women do not have their yearly breast mammogram due to the painful experience - making our breast into pancakes is not pleasant, nor is it conducive to being proactive with our breast health. Now with the use of Thermography, there is another choice available.

We use a sophisticated camera system that is sensitive to infrared images. These images are then examined by trained physicians who will complete a report, usually within a week and communicate their findings.

Breast Scans

The following video is a Fox news segment regarding Breast Thermography:

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Body Scans

We can see your pain.

Medical Thermal Imaging is the only technology that takes pictures of inflammation and helps locate the source of your pain. This clinical non-invasive scanning procedure can detect many kinds of pain. If you have arthritis, regular headaches, athletic injuries, upper or lower back, neck or unexplained pain, we can help.

Ask how a Meditherm Scan can aid your healthcare professional in your pain diagnosis and treatment.

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