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Lymphatic Drainage

What is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?

Lymphatic drainage therapy consists of a manual massage performed by a lymphatic drainage therapist. Lymphatic drainage is a holistic approach therapy that is intended to promote a healthy, free-flowing lymphatic system.

Specifically formulated essential oil blends are applied while using a relaxing, rhythmic massage techniques primarily focusing on specific lymph nodes and points of the body, as well as the natural flow of the lymphatic fluid through the lymphatic system.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels and ducts which are an integral part of the immune system that moves fluid throughout the body. The system is responsible for moving toxins away from healthy cells and carrying germ-fighting materials to cells when they are under attack from viruses and bacteria.

By stimulating the lymphatic system, we enhance the body’s first and last lines of defense.

How Scents Affect Us

Aromatics affect us on a profound level with immediate and powerful effects as our olfactory nerve tracks right into the limbic system, the part of the brain governing memory and emotion.

A blend of essential oils can:
Have a positive affect on mood
Restore calm and soothe emotions
Reduce stress and tension
Create a sense of well-being
Enhance ones’ healing ability

Benefits of Treatment

Reduces blockages in the lymphatic system, promoting balance of the circulatory, respiratory, muscular and endocrine systems
Increases immune function, promoting white blood cells
Supports detoxification programs, such as colon hydrotherapy
A simple well balanced therapeutic treatment enhancing the mind/body/spirit connection
Relaxation enhances the body’s natural rhythm and healing abilities
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